One of the services AllSfafe Lock & Key of northern Nevada offers its customers is a home security inspection. Whenever our technicians rekey a residence, we offer this as a complimentary service to help educate people on their home’s current security level of their homes. During the inspection, we’re able to point out how specific areas in the home may be lacking in security and what might be done to improve them. One of the most common areas for home security improvement? Sliding glass windows and doors. Fortunately, there is a solution. Here’s what makes sliding glass doors and windows secure.

How Secure are Horizontally-Sliding Windows & Doors?

It’s an unfortunate truth that horizontally-sliding windows and doors are vulnerable to unwanted entry. This is accomplished simply enough with a screw driver wedged beneath the door or window, which will pop it up into the frame so that the whole thing can be pushed in. In almost every case, the locks that come pre-installed on theses door and windows are quite flimsy and won’t prevent this method of access.

The trouble is that many people don’t realize that sliding windows and doors are vulnerable points of entry. Because of that, they don’t take the right steps – or any steps – to make sure they’re properly secured. Fortunately, once people know, there’s a simple remedy to this common security problem.

Meet the Jimmy Plate

This small piece of hardware can be installed at the top of your sliding glass door or window. It will prevent it from being lifted up into the frame and popped out. Most manufacturers of sliding glass doors and windows sell jimmy plates, and installation is quite simple (though AllSafe Lock & Key is happy to install if you prefer a professional job). Just like that, you can reduce the risk of a break-in through these entry points.

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