We often hear from customers who ask us to replace their door locks. In some cases, replacement locks aren’t necessary, and re-keying the lock will do the trick nicely. Here’s the difference between replacing and re-keying a lock.

Re-keying a Lock

To re-key a lock, our certified locksmith replaces the pins and and in a lock’s cylinder with new pins and springs. This makes the lock compatible with a different key. If your lock is operating normally, but you need to ensure key control (new tenants in a rental home, for example, or the purchase of a new home), re-keying may be the smartest and most cost-effective option.

In new homes, particularly those in single-builder communities, locks are often master keyed. Even if the new homeowner’s key prevents the potential future use of the contractor’s master key, there may be master pins left in the lock. These pins double the number of keys that could open the lock, and that could mean a lot of keys capable of operating your home’s lock! Re-keying removes these pins – and the possibility that another key can open your door.

Another benefit of re-keying is lock servicing. When a lock is being re-keyed, the locksmith is able to examine the lock’s condition and installation, add lubrication for smooth operation, and address any potential problems.

What about Consumer Re-keying?

Lock manufacturers are making available locks that consumers can re-key themselves. It seems like a good idea, but because these aren’t standard pin tumble locks – they require no disassembly – they require many intricate pieces that tend to malfunction easily. Plus, these locks are also easier to bypass, which isn’t a good sign for your home’s security.

Replacing a Lock

Sometimes, there’s no avoiding lock replacement. Over time, locks can wear out to the point that re-keying won’t improve their performance. And to enhance your home’s security, it’s never a mistake to upgrade your locks.¬†From aesthetic reasons to easier operation, there are many reasons people may feel compelled to replace their locks. Consulting with a professional locksmith like AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno is the quickest way to decide whether replacing or re-keying is the best option for you.

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