Keyless door locks are growing in popularity, and the convenience factor alone makes it easy to understand why. But are they just as secure as traditional deadbolts? In most cases, the bolts in both kinds of locks are basically the same. If you’re ready to learn more, here are the pros and cons of keyless door locks.

Pros of Keyless Door Locks

Versatility and convenience are the biggest selling features of keyless door locks. Codes are simple to change, and some locks include a feature that allows temporary codes with a designated time period for activation. That makes it easy to grant limited access to your home.

Some keyless locks will automatically lock after the door has been closed, while others link to Bluetooth, making them accessible via smartphone or tablet. They also come in many finishes and styles, so you can find something that matches your home’s aesthetic without foregoing the perk of modern technology.

Cons of Keyless Door Locks

If all of that sounds great, keep in mind that keyless door locks can have their downside. These systems can be susceptible to weather, and prolonged exposure to heat, sun or cold can affect how they function. Batteries require changing, and you’ll need to remember this before they die! It’s also important to change your entry code somewhat regularly. Otherwise, the keys you press regularly can wear down, and then it’s simply a matter of trying those keys in different sequences to gain access.

On the financial side of things, you can expect to pay up to five times the cost of a traditional deadbolt – keyless door locks range between $150 to $250, depending on brand and quality.

If you’re on the fence about going keyless, AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno can help. We’re happy to offer recommendations for your home – contact us today.

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