When you expect something to work, it can be a shock when it doesn’t. That’s especially true for things like door locks and keys. But the truth is, all keys have a shelf life, and it’s likely that you’ll get a few warning signs that you should take seriously.

Warning Signs of Failing Keys

There are a few signs that your key is nearing the end of its life. If you find that you have to do any of the following to make your key work properly, consider it a sign of things to come, and call a certified mobile locksmith like AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno.
  • You have to wiggle the key to make it work.
  • You have to push it in a specific way to make it work.
  • You have to knock three times and say a prayer to make it work.
If you’ve developed a little “trick” out of necessity to make your key work, that key will never work properly again. Your best bet is replacing it before the inevitable happens and you find yourself locked out. Either way, AllSafe Lock & Key can help you with prompt, friendly service and reasonable rates.

What Makes a Key Fail?

In many cases, keys aren’t made to be an exact fit in a lock, but rather just close enough. You can blame it on the manufacturer, an inexperienced locksmith, or someone operating a key replicator with little idea of what to do. The bottom line is that every key – from basic to the most intricate – has a shelf life, and that length of time is almost always related to the experience of whomever made it.

The Bottom Line if your key is not Working

Don’t wait for a key to fail, because Murphy’s Law says it will happen at the worst possible time. If you have a house key showing signs of impending failure, contact AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno today.

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