Frequently Asked Questions

The locksmith technicians at AllSafe Lock & Key in Reno often get questions about locks, lost keys, re-keying and home security. Browse our frequently asked questions here, or contact s today with a question of your own.

Freq Asked Questions

Q: If I need new or duplicate keys, can’t I just go to my local hardware store and have them make the keys?
A: You could, but if you’ve ever done this before, you may have noticed that the keys don’t work especially well, they don’t seem to fit properly, or they aren’t smooth to turn. That’s because making keys is a craft, and you’re much better off having it done right the first time.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Our normal hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm. However, we offer emergency services seven days a week and 24 hours a day. If you have a locksmith issue, we’re available to help, no matter what time it is.

Q: What should I do if my keys are lost?
A: If you lose your keys, you should have your locks replaced or re-keyed. In the worst-case scenario, the wrong person has access to your care or your home. For peace of mind alone, replacing locks or re-keying is a smart move. Read our blog post for more about this question.

Q: If I need to get my keys replaced, do I need new locks too?
A: No. In most cases, we can re-key all of your locks to fit the new keys, and there’s no reason to purchase new locks.

Q: I lost my car keys and remote, but I have an extra key. Do I need to replace what I lost?
A: It’s a good idea to replace your keys and re-program your remote. Keep in mind that your lost remote still opens your car. Are you comfortable with someone having access like that?

Q: How secure does my home really need to be? All the locks work fine.
A: All exterior doors should have a deadbolt. An important deterrent to opportunists is a visible padlock on gates leading into backyards.

Q: I need one key to open all of the doors in my home or business. Can you do that for me?
A: Absolutely! Call us today and we’ll schedule a convenient time.

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