What should a locksmith cost?

This is probably the most common question people have when they are in need of a locksmith. As a rule, people are not ready to answer because many of the jobs that locksmiths do are in emergency related situations. People usually forget about this fact and spend money they hadn’t planned to spend on locksmith. One way or another, it is time to clear the situation and decide what it would cost you to hire an emergency locksmith, considering all the factors and circumstances.


Every region has an emergency locksmith service you can trust to. If you need 24-hour locksmith service for your home, business, auto or motorcycle keys and locks, professionals can help. Make sure the company you picked has a broad service offering. Besides, it must be a certified, insured, and registered locksmith business. If the prices seem affordable and the customers’ safety is guaranteed – call for locksmith! Traditionally, there are typical emergency situations people call for help

  • Extract Broken Key

Call for locksmith if your car keys break inside a lock cylinder, whether it’s in your car’s ignition or door lock cylinder. The professional locksmith can also extract keys from residential or commercial locks so that you can get back inside to access spare keys.

It’s sad but the keys typically break off where the shaft and head of the key meet, or if your key has a very deep cut in it. If you want to get the key out, the emergency locksmith can help. The specialist inserts a broken key extractor tool into the lock so that it catches on the broken key. Then, he can slide out the broken portion with no additional damage to the locking mechanism. As you can see the extractor tool is not enough to save the situation. You need a skilled locksmith! What is more, professional team is able to provide emergency car key making for traditional keys as well as remote keyless entry systems on modern vehicles.

  • Late Night Help When You’re Locked in Your Car

If you need emergency lockout service, the professional locksmith comes to you prepared to get you back into your car, home or business quickly so that you can continue your day. Contact them any time of the day or night for:

Car Lockouts

House Lockouts

Business Lockouts


Here are 5 things you should know about locksmith prices. All these things and circumstances are considered when you pay for the service.

  1. Phone prices and On-site prices

If you know the locksmith you are calling, that’s great. If not, be careful! There are many so-called locksmith companies online that will use your initial phone call to offer you a cheap deal, and then at a later date implement all kinds of tricks to squeeze more money out of your wallet. Make sure that you understand all possible costs that may be incurred for the job at hand. Make sure you read everything there is on the prices the locksmith charges before you pick up the phone and call a locksmith. If you are not sure, ask for the company’s rates once again.

  1. Day or Night call out

If a locksmith says they will charge you a fixed price for both day and night hours, lucky you are! But, as a rule, you will find a hidden cost at a later date when the job is done or when the invoice is prepared. Beware of a locksmith that offers 24-hour, all year round fixed labor rates. The time of day, whether it’s day or night, a weekend or a bank holiday, will also affect the price of a locksmith call out. This is especially true if the locksmith is working on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve. They are likely to charge you more on these holidays. Also, if it’s an emergency situation the job will sometimes cost more than for the same work done during a pre-booked appointment.

  1. Additional costs

You’d better to discuss with your emergency locksmith in advance the type of additional costs that may be incurred on the job. This can clear up any doubt about hidden fees. Feel free to ask about everything that comes to your mind, whatever it is possible tax, hourly fees for jobs that go long, any extra costs for non-standard locks, parking and toll charges such as a congestion charge, etc.

  1. Distance

The distance a locksmith will need to travel to reach your location will certainly affect your wait time, the convenience of getting the job done in a timely manner, and most likely have impact on the cost of the job. That’s why make sure first that you are dealing with a local company. If an emergency locksmith is located some distance away from you it usually means they’ll have to charge more.

  1. Type of service

The work that you expect to be done from an emergency locksmith is also a key factor of the emergency locksmith cost. That’s why it really means much whether you are stuck in an office lockout, home lockout or car lockout. According to this, the waited specialist will be equipped with the tools and skills to help you out of your situation without delay. Sure enough, long-lasting and difficult cases that need special skill and professional equipment will take away more money from your wallet.

If it is not an emergency situation that you need a locksmith for, schedule your appointment in advance making sure that the date and time are convenient for your locksmith. If it works for everyone time-wise then it should be more cost effective for you. The price you are going to pay for a locksmith to come out and do the job usually depends on your actions. If you need more information on locksmith prices just contact the emergency locksmith service you like the most and they will give you the best advice.

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