Many of the upgrades we make to our homes are designed to boost curb appeal, home value or convenience. But some of these features are the kind of thing home invaders can use to their advantage. Awareness is one of the best ways to take steps to protect your home, so read on for five ways your home security probably isn’t up to snuff.

You Have a Hidden House Key

A spare key over the door jamb, under the mat, in the nearby flower pot isn’t uncommon, but these common hiding areas are among the first places a burglar will check. Stashing a key nearby is driven by convenience, but it’s easier than you think to assess an area and zero in on the likeliest hiding spots.

Instead… you might consider a keyless door lock or giving your spare key to a neighbor you know and trust.

You Have a Pet Door

Poor installation or an inferior product can turn that handy pet door into a convenience not just for the pets.

Instead… if a pet door is a necessity, consider having it installed somewhere hidden from view. Make sure to choose a high-quality system and have it professionally installed.

Your Garage Doors Have Windows

Windows in the top panel of your garage door let in more than just sunlight. They also let anyone have a look inside at all of your possessions. 

Instead… consider frosting the windows to filter light but boost privacy and security. Outdoor lights near the garage doors are another smart idea.

You Have Unlocked Storage Sheds

Stashing tools and other items in your shed keeps things tidy, but if you aren’t locking the shed, these items can be stolen or even used to break into your home.

You Leave Valuables Out

Most burglars are opportunists, and leaving big-ticket items in plain view of a window can be risky. It’s a good idea to walk the perimeter of your home and take note of what’s visible from the outside so that you can be a little more mindful of where you keep valuables.

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