If you’re like many people and you find yourself locked out, you use your phone to search for Reno mobile locksmiths. In many cases, people start calling the first few numbers that show up. But that’s isn’t always the best way to find a reliable locksmith. Don’t make a bad situation even worse by hiring an inexperienced locksmith or one with a reputation for up-charging. Instead, take an extra few minutes to make sure that anyone you consider meets these three requirements for a reputable Reno mobile locksmith.

A Local Address

Don’t make the assumption that an online search will yield results for local locksmiths right here in Reno and Sparks. The truth is, geo-targeting lets big companies from all over the country serve their online ads to various locations – and that includes northern Nevada. When you call the local number, you’re redirected to national call centers. And here’s the real problem – they often quote low rates on the phone that become much higher once the dispatched locksmith shows up at your door.

You can combat this by checking websites. Instead of calling off Google, take a minute to browse the company’s website – it should be clear by the site content that you’re looking at a local northern Nevada company. If that seems to check out, make sure to ask for the full, legal business name when you call. Be sure to ask about licensing, how quickly the locksmith can make it to you, and whether the quoted price over the phone includes all charges and fees, including labor, parts, and things like mileage or emergency service.

Certifications & Licenses

Don’t trust your locks to any locksmith who lacks the appropriate certificates and licenses. AllSafe Lock & Key here in Reno maintains three separate locksmith licenses, in addition to a registration with the Sheriff’s Department of Washoe County. That means you know our technical has the right experience and training to handle your residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith needs.

Extensive Experience

Locksmith training courses can take at least a few months to complete, while on-the-job training and apprenticeships often lasts two to three years. Be sure to inquire about your locksmith’s experience. You need a thorough understanding of how long your locksmith has been working in the industry. That way, you can be certain no one is learning on your job.

Finding a reliable and reasonable Reno locksmith can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re locked out. But don’t be defeated by all of those search engine results. Take the time to dig a little deeper, and remember that AllSafe Lock & Key is always here when you need a great mobile Reno locksmith.

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